Uses For Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing comes in different types, such as small aluminum panels to large chain link panels and it has many uses. It can be erected quickly and will remain secured in place for as long as needed and then can be removed quickly when it is no longer needed. You can learn more about some of the many reasons why temporary fencing may be needed by reading the rest of this article.

Reasons temporary fencing is used

There are a number of reasons for using temporary fencing and some of them include: 

  • Direct traffic through certain areas to prevent accidents or other issues
  • Prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing a property 
  • Prevent people from entering dangerous areas
  • Direct people to specific areas
  • Section off specific areas 
  • Protect structures or equipment

Examples of places temporary fencing is used

Construction sites  

Temporary fencing is often put up around construction sites. The fencing will prevent people who aren't authorized from going onto the construction site where they can be injured. It also prevents criminals from walking onto the construction site to vandalize things, to damage the structure, or to steal the materials or equipment. 

Structures damaged by fire  

Homes or buildings that have been damaged from a fire also often have temporary fencing put around them. The fencing prevents people from entering the structure, which is a dangerous thing to do because the structure can contain many toxins and will be unstable. The fencing can also prevent people from trying to steal from the structure while it is left open due to the damage. 

Fairs, carnivals, circuses, concerts, and other large events 

Temporary fencing can be used at large events for many reasons. It can be put up to indicate where cars should go and to direct people to where they should go. It can secure areas where people should stay away from, such as areas where animals are kept at events like circuses or rodeos. The fencing can also prevent children, or anyone, from going near equipment that can be dangerous. 

Landscaping sites  

Temporary fencing is often used when landscaping jobs are taking place. The fencing prevents people from walking in areas where they can cause damage. The fencing can also prevent accidents, such as those caused by someone falling in holes or going somewhere else that would be unstable or hazardous. It can also be used to prevent people from walking on wet cement so it isn't damaged.

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